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Ehya Diesel Electric Co.

  Ehya Diesel Electric Company (EDE Co.) has been established on the basis of needs of Iranian railway as a unit group for responsibility of repair , maintenance, overhaul, rebuild and renovation of different parts and components of locomotives ( mechanical, electrical, and electronic ) and finally, production of Diesel Locomotives.
Shareholders of the company are Mr. Mohammad Reza Najafi, Amir Houshang Sanati khomami and Amir Barakati Movahed and management of the company with experience and knowledge of executive affairs and other necessary factors has dominance on service, repair, maintenance, renovation and procurement with regard to their educational and executive experiences.
As respectful chairman of Board and retired General Director of purchasing Department of Iranian Railway, Mr. Mohammad Reza Najafi having a lot of experience in the field of preparation and procurement of spare parts, tools and all components locomotives from inside and outside the country, is one of the capable factors of Ehya Diesel Electric Company which will not have the main problem with procurement by use of his capabilities and experience.
As Managing Director of the company, Mr Amir Houshang Sanati (engineer ) with 15 years of experience (Railway industry) in locomotive maintenance, overhaul and repair (BackShop) ,including performance of work as Head of Quality Control Department ( two years), executive deputy of Locomotive Overhauling Department (BackShop) ( three years) and Director of Locomotive Overhauling Department ( five years) has been responsible for overhauling, special repairs , rebuild of different parts and sets (components) of ALSTOM, GE (General Electric ), GM (General Motors) and Hitachi Locomotives and prevention from accident of all kinds of locomotives of Iranian Railway.

He has also 3 years of experience in the field of repair, maintenance and rebuild of all types Locomotives, as Technical Deputy of General Director of Iranian Locomotives Department. Also he has execution of locomotive industry.
He passed the specialized courses of repair and maintenance, also the railway and rolling stock management courses. As well as performing the affairs relating to inspection expert ( more than 10 courses abroad) shows his promoted ability to perform all affairs relating to
Repair, maintenance and remanufacturing of locomotives. He has also assumed the responsibility of management and technical consultant of vice president of Iranian Railway in all projects relating to privatization as well as diesel locomotives for 2 years.
At the present he is responsible as Managing Director for all of projects and contracts that EDE Co. involves.
Mr. Barakati (engineer), as member of Board and manager of EDE Co. workshop is Responsible for all of the jobs related to the EDE Co. contracts with Iranian Railway.
The Ehya Diesel Company with 110 stuff has different units including:

  1. Quality Control Department
  2. Planning Dep
  3. Accounting  Dep
  4. Electrical Dep
  5. Mechanical Dep
  6. Machinery Dep
  7. Welding Dep
  8. Cleaning Dep
  9. Purchasing Dep

The Projects That EDE Co. Have Done:
  1) Repair and rebuild of 202 diesel engine units (Iranian railway) D.E locomotives including:

    1. Rebuild of 148 units of 16 Cyl-645E3-E3B (GM-EMD) turbocharger 120 units have been delivered.(Less than %1 default rate)
    2. Rebuild of 27 units of 12 Cyl-645E (GM, EMD) Blower engines of which all 25 units have been delivered (without default).
    3.  Rebuild of 3 units of 8 Cyl-645E Blower (GM-EMD) engines of which all units has been delivered.
    4. Rebuild of 24 units 12-7 FDL (GE) engines of which 7 units have been delivered (without default).

Rebuilding services of GE cast Iron engine block was carried out by this company for the first time in Iran.
1) Rebuild of engine assembly including crankcase, Oil pan, Crankshaft (for the first time in Iran) and different metal & Aluminum engine component parts.
2) Rebuild of 21 units GE locomotives for Roshd Sanat Co. including: overhauling of 12-7FDL GE engine and all mechanical components of locomotive, assembly and disassembly, complete. Electrical & Mechanical tests and delivery to the Iranian Railway fleet.
3) Repair and rebuild of 33 units GM (EMD) locomotives (3300 hp) and supply of spare parts for the Iranian Railway. Supplying spare parts including parts what provided and manufactured by our company and some of parts what is supplied from abroad. 
4) Giving of 10000, 15000 and 20000 hours services for 3 units of Alstom locomotives and overhaul of 20 Alstom locomotives for Private Company.
Base on Alstom locomotive maintenance program, engine & bogie overhaul have been performed
5) Conversion of one unit of G22 (1650/1500 Hp) out of service locomotive to new type GT22-IR (2570/2450 Hp) turbocharger engine (Prototype) including increase of length chassis (essential changes of chassis),  increase of engine power (conversion of Blower type to turbocharger type), increasing the axial load of locomotive, conversion of mechanical cooling system to electrical cooling system, conversion brake system type 6L to 26L, increase of dynamic brake power, replacement of generator D25 (DC) to AR10-D14 (AC) and other new changes including new Electrical control system, driver welfare equipment etc.
(first time in Iran)
6) Supply and producing of diesel engine consumable parts on the basis of need of Iranian Railway.
7) Manufacturing of all kinds of fixtures, devices, supply of general and specialized tools and all necessary tools for promotion of quantity level of services provided by this company.

The most important projects in progress:

  1. Rebuild of 136 diesel engines including GE (12 Cyl) and GM (8, 12, 16 Cyl ) engines include supply the spare parts.
  2. Overhaul and remanufacturing of 25 GM locomotive (3300 Hp) include supply the basic parts.
  3. Commissioning and repair of 57 GM Locomotives, 3300 Hp (Korean locomotive for private company).
  4. Full maintenance of 130 GM passenger locomotives for Iranian Railway include supply the spare parts.

Goals of the ede Co.

  1. To fulfill different needs of Iranian Railway locomotives fleet.
  2. To build spare parts of diesel engines and Locomotives.
  3. To expand and develop specialized centre for repair and remanufacturing of diesel engines (exclusive) and diesel Locomotives.
  4. To build national locomotive with 60% of local share.



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